Campofelice di Fitalia

Known as the “Town of grain” on account of the extensive grain farming which has always been the staple economy of the area, Campofelice di Fitalia stands in the territory of the former feudal state of Fitalia. The origins of the name are uncertain. According to popular tradition it is a tribute to Maria Felice, wife of the prince, or more probably campo (field) and felice (happy) indicated the fertility of the land, something which the Greek word fitalia emphasises.

Something which must be visited is the Mother Church dedicated to Saint Joseph, right in the centre of the town of which Joseph is the patron saint. Built at the beginning of the eighteen hundreds it has liberty style bell tower and contains the artistic sculpted group of Joseph and the baby Jesus.

Just outside the residential centre you can visit the Margana Castle. This ancient fortress stands on a rocky cliff with steep smooth faces near the Margana River. Built at the beginning of the 13th century it now represents one of the few examples of medieval architecture in Sicily produced by the Teutonic knights.

The typical products of Campofelice di Fitalia are characteristic of the rural inland areas of Sicily, such as extra virgin olive oil, wine, cured meats and sausages, in particular fresh dry sausage and dairy products. A local speciality is cuddiruni, a pizza dressed with tomato sauce, onion, anchovies, cheese, the soft part of bread, oregano and a little oil. There is also a considerable production of desserts and biscuits made according to old recipes such as cucciddata, Christmas desserts full of chinu (filler) of figs or almonds.



What to see

The Mother Church

The Mother Church

Castle of the Margana

Castle of the Margana



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