Monte Cane

The excursion winds through the paths of the “Monte Cane, Pizzo Trigna and Grotta Mazzamuto” Sustainably
Managed Nature Reserve, an area still relatively unknown but rich in elements of natural and historical archaeological interest.

The route starts directly from the village of Ventimiglia di Sicilia, continues north along a farm road that crosses olive groves and cultivated fields to intercept a path at the base of the southern slope of Pizzo di Cascio. The trail winds first on a large meadow grazed by herds and then climbs quickly to the mountain ridgeline through large calcareous rocky outcrops sculpted by karren, an erosive phenomenon caused by the millennial action of surface water runoff. After reaching the portella di Pizzo di Cascio (1139 m.) pass, the path becomes easier, almost flat, on a comfortable road crossing extensive meadows and pastures, with seasonal ponds. Here you can see the ancient traces of the millennial presence of man, such as the ancient ice houses, residues of an old craft  long gone, and the old “marcati” animal pens in disuse, made with dry stone walls and used to gather livestock.

We come next to the Favarotta valley, today home to a herd of wild horses, and proceeds, with a short climb, towards Pizzo Nudo (1174 m). Here, together with the flutter of birds that find shelter in these rocks, we can notice the traces of the vegetation that once covered these valleys: from the holly bushes with the lively red berries to
surviving patches of oak groves. A road leads us to the Pizzo dell’Inferno forest fire observation tower (1225 m). This is a wonderful panoramic balcony from which to admire a bird’s eye view from the Madonie range to the mountains
of San Calogero, from Mount Cammarata, in the heart of the Sicani Mountains, to the Rocca Busambra that towers over Ficuzza, from the promontory of Catalfano above Bagheria to the amphitheater of the Monti di Palermo mountains. Overall, it is hike of medium difficulty, both for the length and for the initial climb on Pizzo di Cascio, at times steep and challenging especially in the event of rain. Lastly, it is advised to avoid the route in the
summer due to the excessive heat and the rarity of shady spots.


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Ventimiglia di Sicilia

Ventimiglia di Sicilia



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