Gorgo del Drago e Rocca Busambra

The route takes place in the Ficuzza Wooded Nature Reserve, Rocca Busambra, Bosco del Cappelliere woods and
Gorgo del Drago [the dragon’s whirlpool], an area characterized by a large evergreen Mediterranean forest, dominated to the south by the limestone massif of the Rocca Busambra, whose overhanging cliffs can be seen from most parts of Sicily.

We depart from the Agriturismo Gorgo del Drago equestrian center near the town of Godrano, with a path that leads towards Gorgo del Drago pond, or Gorgo Tondo [round whirlpool], then continuing along the Gorgo Lungo [long whirlpool].

These are ponds linked to the presence of clay soils and of great ecological importance for the permanence of water even in the dry season. The Gorgo del Drago was used by the Bourbon court as a fishing spot to the point that still
today we can see the ruins of the “Pescheria reale” [royal fishery]. Continue by crossing the abandoned railway line, then cross the picnic area of the Sugheri and arrive, with a small detour, to the “Pulpito del Re” [king’s pulpit], a very evocative and panoramic place, characterized by a stone staircase. Attributed by most to Ferdinand IV of Bourbon, who used it as a hunting site, according to some it may be a late adaptation of an ancient sacrificial altar. Continue to Ficuzza, whereyou can take a break to visit the Royal Hunting Lodge, a village with farmhouses, and the Lipu center, with the wounded wildlife collection and care center. You leave Ficuzza with a path in the woods and, at a drinking water trough, you enter a cart track in the direction of Alpe Ramusa. Below the wall of the Busambra a deviation allows us to reach the Grotta del Romito, a vast natural hollow, on the rocky wall, traditionally a hermitage haven, from which you also enjoy a panoramic view. Continue to Pizzo Nero, a forest in the past dedicated to repopulation of deer and wild boar, and you come to the Alpe Cucco hut where you can have refreshment and take a break. The itinerary continues in the Fanuso Valley, always green throughout the year. After a monumental oak, with a detour, you reach the Capreria, an ancient forestry lodge with a water spout and rest area. Continue passing through the Felce and Agnese valleys and at the Biviere watering trough, a path leads us to the track of the former railway that we
follow until we reach a farm road leading us back to the starting point.

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