Campofiorito e la vallata del Torrente Batticano

The approximately 15 Km journey travels largely between the towns of Campofiorito and Corleone; it has significant elevation changes and therefore requires some physical effort. The trails have natural interest for wide panoramic
views in the eastern direction towards Montagna Grande, the south face of the Rocca Busambra and the town of Corleone. In the wide valley of the Batticano stream, there are ancient water mills and the viaduct of the former railway track, near the village of Campofiorito. In the immediate vicinity, in addition to the archaeological site of
the ancient castle, there is the area called Conte Ranieri, identified as the seat of the Roman town of Thuryrium.

The loop route starts and ends in the center of the town of Campofiorito, a small settlement of about 1,300 inhabitants, located at 650 m. The itinerary, with an average slope close to 6%, takes place partly on asphalted roads with low traffic, sometimes bumpy, and partly on a stretch of former railway with dirt surface.

The itinerary crosses extensive cultivated areas, with prevalence of wheat and fodder that take on different colors depending on the seasons; there are almost no public services and facilities, and there are only a few houses, including the Case Grande Giammaria farm, to the north-west end and the Masseria Cammarata farm, in the district
of Conte Ranieri, near the village and the base of Mount Castellaccio.

From Campofiorito you will first descend into a stretch of farm road to the east of Fosso Castellaccio, with a slope to reach the section of the former railway track near the Batticano stream and the viaduct of the same name. From here you travel for more than 4 km to the north along the flat track of the old railway that runs about 500  high along the eastern flank of the valley and offers good valley views. After crossing the Ridocco district with the former station, arrive in the Madonna delle Vigne district, near the former Censiti stop, and enter the provincial road 59 with low traffic downhill for about 3 km to the Batticano intersection, from which you proceed to the left along the SP110 that
goes up on a steep slope to Campofiorito, at 650 meters high.

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