Villa San Cataldo

Villa San Cataldo, located to the north-east of Bagheria, differs from the other baroque villas of the town in that it lacks the characteristic access staircase and entrance courtyard. The villa was built in baroque style by the princes Galletti di San Cataldo in the early-18th century, before being renovated in Gothic style in 1860: of the original building only the church and the Italian garden remain. In 1905, Villa San Cataldo was sold to the Society of Jesus by the Jesuit fathers who transformed it, first into a novitiate and high school for young Jesuit students in the religious province of Sicily, then into a Seminary for Foreign Missions. It is thanks to the Jesuit fathers that the baroque garden still exists today: though the plants are no longer the original ones, the garden was protected against the strong urban expansion of the area which, in recent decades, has erased most baroque villa gardens.

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