The Water Towers

The water towers date back to the Arab (or even Roman) period and are located in various parts of the city where the walls of old Palermo once stood. These towers, also known as castelletti, were part of a water supply system used until the turn of the 20th century: until 1885, water reached the houses through the towers which exploited the principle of communicating vessels to push it through underground clay pipes, before collecting it in the so-called ricettacoli magistrali and finally lifting it up through the urns or castelletti with enough pressure to reach the different areas of the city. Palermo’s water towers are located in various parts of the city: the Ballar├▓ market, where one of them has been restored in Art Nouveau style, at Porta Sant’Agata, in Piazza Porta Montalto and again in Via Dante and via Filippo Parlatore.

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