Politeama Theatre

Built in the 19th century, the Politeama theatre is located in Piazza Ruggero Settimo, in the centre of Palermo. In neoclassical style, the entrance is a monumental triumphal arch dominated by bronze sculptures by Mario Rutelli and Benedetto Civiletti. Around the external façade, the semicircular structure of the building extends with the two orders of Doric and Ionic columns. The triumphal arch is softened by a composition in stucco bas-relief, by Rutelli, which represents a multitude of putti musicians and singers. Inside, there is a horseshoe-shaped room with two rows of boxes and a large gallery for a capacity of five thousand spectators. The decorations, both internal and external, are in Pompeian style, with frescoes by many local artists. Since 2001, the Politeama theatre, of great cultural and artistic importance for the city, has become the seat of the Sicilian Symphony Orchestra.

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