Palazzo Cutò

Palazzo Aragona Cutò was built between 1712 and 1716 at the behest of the Prince of Aragon, Luigi Onofrio Naselli, and in 1803 was sold to the Prince of Cutò, Alessandro Filangeri. In 1908, the property passed into the hands of the grandson of the Prince of Cutò, Giuseppe Tommasi da Lampedusa, the famous writer of “The Leopard” and in 1923 ended up in the hands of a middle-class buyer. Since 2000, it has been home to the Bagheria City Library and the Toy Museum. The building is a massive quadrangular structure, surmounted by a vast loggia-belvedere from where the prince and nobles could watch the fireworks during the Feast of Santa Rosalia and host theatrical performances. Access from the ground floor to the main floor is by means of a monumental staircase, with two symmetrical ramps. Enclosed as it is inside the courtyard, this staircase represents a real rarity for a country villa: Palazzo Cutò is the only building of its type not to have an external staircase, one of the main features of the Sicilian villas of the time.

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