The Cuba

The Cuba, from the Arabic qubba “dome”, is a sumptuous Norman palace located in Corso Calatafimi in Palermo. The building is a regular square-shaped construction, built with worked stones, commissioned by William II “The Good” and completed in 1180. Four tower-shaped blocks protrude in the centre of each side. The most protruding block was the only access to the palace from the mainland, in fact, on the outside, the cuba was surrounded by an artificial moat about two and a half metres deep. The external walls are adorned with ogival arches and in the lower part there are a number of windows separated by masonry pillars. Thick walls and few windows were required due to climatic requirements, as they provided resistance to the heat of the sun. Boccaccio set the sixth novel of the fifth day of his Decameron in the gardens and water expanses surrounding the Cuba.

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