Church Sanctuary of Maria SS dei Miracoli

The Sanctuary of Maria Santissima dei Miracoli is located in the lower part of the town and is of Latin rite. It consists of a nave, surrounded by four altars, decorated with plaster stuccoes and friezes. Legend has it that one day, towards the end of the 17th century, a man with leprosy arrived in town and was soon driven out by the inhabitants. The man hid himself in a grove and fell asleep and while he slept, at the bottom of the grove, he saw the image of the Virgin Mary with the Child Jesus in her arms painted on a large boulder of sandstone. The man approached and heard the voice of Mary who suggested he return to Mezzojuso to tell the inhabitants to build a chapel. Then she told the poor sick man to wash his body with the water that sprang out in that place and healed him. He went back to town and told the inhabitants what had happened. In a short time, they built a chapel in honour of the Virgin in the place she had indicated and named it the “Madonna dei Miracoli”.

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