Church of San Domenico

The church of San Domenico, one of Palermo’s most famous monuments, is located in the namesake square. It was founded in 1300 and later extended in 1458. In 1640 Andrea Cirincione designed the final church to which the present-day façade was added in 1726, after the opening of the new square. The façade is enhanced with stuccoes by Giovan Maria Serpotta.
The style is typically Baroque. The spacious interior is made of Billemi stone. The Latin cross layout features a nave and two side aisles. The chapels contain precious Baroque works, including: the crucifix of St. Thomas and the Magdalene by Giovanni Paolo Fondulli, the statue of St. Joseph of the Gagini school, and the family of Mary perhaps by Rosalia Novelli.
The building is known in the city as the Pantheon of Palermo and in fact many illustrious people are buried here.

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