Church of Maria SS del Lume-Porticello

Situated in the beautiful seaside village of Porticello, the Church of Maria Santissima del Lume of Santa Flavia was built around 1700. The Church contains the much worshipped painting of the Madonna del Lume (Mother of Light)  painted, according to tradition, by the priest Jan Antonio Genovese, of the company of Jesus, who died in 1743. The priest arrived in Porticello where, among the humble fishermen of the village, he found so much authenticity of faith that he decided to leave them a slate painting of the Madonna del Lume. The story of the painting is cloaked in legend: it is said that the work was painted by the Jesuit under the guidance of Our Lady herself, who, after it was completed, approved it and blessed him. Popular tradition also provides us with a second version linked to the sea, according to which the painting was brought from the waves of the sea to the pier, by divine will.


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