Mother Church of Santa Rosalia

The Mother Church of Santa Rosalia is the only Church dedicated to the saint outside Palermo.
The Baron of Baucina, Francesco Calderone had built the Mother Church of Baucina, which was completed in 1764. The facade of the building is in neoclassical style and consists of eight pilasters, four per part, ending with capitals in Ionic style, which frame the large portal. The plan, characterized by a large internal space with a single nave, is baroque in style, while the interior decorations are not attributable to a single style. Among the works preserved in the church are: Saint Lucy, St. Francis of Assisi and the Immaculate Conception, and wooden sculptures by Bagnasco. Recently placed in the four women’s galleries are four groups of plaster sculptures depicting The Four Evangelists, works of the Baucina artist, Enzo Puleo, two mosaics depicting “The Resurrection” and “The Olive Grove” by the brothers Roberto and Michele Dixt and a painting of the Last Supper, this too by Michele Dixt.

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