Church of Maria SS. Annunziata

The Church of Maria Santissima Annunziata, of Norman origin and Latin rite, is one of the two Mother Churches of Mezzojuso, located on top of a flight of steps in the main square of the town. The original small church was built after the expulsion of the Saracens in the first half of the 11th century. Rebuilt in baroque style, the present-day church has a Latin cross layout, with a nave and two aisles and transept. The external façade has three portals surmounted by pointed arches, two rose windows and a marble sculpture positioned in the tympanum containing the effigy of Our Lady of the Annunciation.
Inside the church are: a sculpture of the Crucifix in polychrome wood dating back to 1693, by an unknown Sicilian sculptor and two large 18th-century paintings depicting the communion of Saint Rosalia, the Virgin who appears to St. Vincenzo Ferreri and the Annunciation.

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