Church of SS Trinità (called La Magione)

Standing in Piazza della Magione and for this reason better known as the Magione, the Church of the Holy Trinity is located on a vast clearing created by the violent bombardments of 1943. The church itself suffered considerable damage during the attacks and was later partially rebuilt.
It was founded in the 12th century by Matteo d’Ajello, Chancellor of Tancredi, the last Norman king. In 1197 it was ceded to the Teutonic Knights, becoming the mansion (magione in Italian) of the general preceptor of the order and retaining the name of what was its intended use.
The access portal is Baroque style and inside are a nave and two aisles. In the lower part of the right aisle is the Pietà completed by Archimede Campini in 1953 to replace Vincenzo Gangini’s Pietà which was destroyed during the Second World War. At the bottom of this same aisle is the white marble triptych dating back to the 15th century, on which are depicted the Blessed Virgin with Child and Saint Catherine of Alexandria, flanked by two saints, probably Saint Nicholas and Saint Bernard of Chiaravalle or Saint Dominic. The whole represents the Annunciation.
On the left of the church are the remains of the cloister dating back to the 12th century, part of which has been restored. In an adjoining chapel is a remarkable fresco of the northern school showing the Crucifixion.
On the church floor are the gravestones of the Teutonic knights.

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