Church of the Madonna delle Croci

Consecrated in 1843, the Church of the Madonna delle Croci (Our Lady of the Crosses) is located at the highest point of the city, on the slopes of Mount Caputo. Legend has it that it was Our Lady who outlined the characteristics of the Shrine, when she appeared to Matteo Quartuccio, who had gone to Mount Caputo to light the votive oil in a small chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows. The Virgin offered warm bread to the shop boy, explaining to him that she symbolized the Grace of God which relieves those who have faith. Prince Francis Bourbon, who was lame, also visited the shrine and was healed. He left his crutch there, along with a conspicuous sum of money to help build the new Church. To the architect, Nicholas Apulia, the Virgin suggested:”The sacred building must have seven terraces, with the bell tower behind the church, higher than anything else, to signify that meditation on the sufferings of Jesus and Mary elevates the Christian to God”.

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