Church of the Carmine Maggiore

The Church of the Carmine Maggiore is located in the Albergheria district. The origins of the Church date back to the arrival of the Carmelite Friars in Palermo in 1235, but the current church was built in the 17th century. The building has a Latin cross layout with central nave and two aisles, supported by 12 Billiemi stone columns and Doric capitals. The altar is adorned with relief statues in gilded wood depicting the various sacrifices in the Old Testament. The altar and balustrade feature Sicilian marble work. The dome has three levels: drum, vault and lantern. The pillars are adorned with four stucco statues dating from 1681. The interior of the vault is covered with ornamental stuccoes with floral garlands and fruit. The four windows are decorated with putti, vases and stucco flowers. The outside of the dome, covered with glazed majolica tiles, is a rich and particular work, unique in Sicily: it consists of four pairs of fluted stone columns with Doric capitals with in between four men holding up the dome.

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