Church of the Forty Martyrs at Guilla

The Church of the Forty Martyrs at Guilla was built in 1605 and named after forty Christian soldiers of the Roman legion who were condemned in 320 AD to die in a frozen swamp. Over the portal of the facade in tuff is the coat of arms of the city of Pisa: the Church was in fact built by the Confraternity of the Pisan Nation. The interior has a rectangular layout and two deep side chapels. In 1725 William Borremans made the fresco decorations, inside the illusionistic bordering and fake stucco frames designed by the architect, Gaetano Lazzara. The main altar in painted wood is also fake marble and dates back to the 18th century. In the past, the altar featured a painting depicting The Martyrdom of the Sebastene Soldiers of the XII Fulminata Legion, now kept in the Sicilian regional Gallery.

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