Basilica Soluntina di Sant’Anna

The Basilica Soluntina di Sant’Anna (dedicated to St. Anne), in the heart of the old-town centre of Santa Flavia, was built at the beginning of the 17th century on a pre-existing rural chapel dedicated to St. Anne. In 1666, the Church land was purchased by the Filangeri family, who built a villa next to it: the first extension works on the little church, which became a Basilica, ended in 1756. The Basilica has an oval nave with four niches with marble altars inspired by Roman Baroque style. Of great impact is the luminous octagon coffered dome covering the oval nave with the oculus at the centre of the dome covered with a fresco with angels holding a drape with golden fringes. The main external façade is made of tuff, has three entrance portals, divided by Doric columns at the base and by ionic semi-columns on the upper floor where there is the statue of St. Anne with the child Mary in white marble. The two bell towers, aligned with the side entrances, with baroque cusps complete the whole.

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