Archaeological site of Soluntum

Situated on Mount Catalano, about 2 km from Santa Flavia, are the ruins of the ancient Soluntum, a Hellenistic-Roman city built around the mid-4th century BC and abandoned at the end of the 2nd-century AD. It was founded by the Carthaginians in the 4th-century BC, perhaps on the remains of a more ancient Phoenician settlement; after about a century it passed under Roman rule. The city has a regular Greek-style layout, consisting of a road network that extends on the sides of a large paved main road which crosses the entire settlement as far as the agora and the public area. In the agora is a spa complex with mosaic floors and the Soluntum theatre, with room for 1200 spectators. The domestic architecture is of particular interest.
Thanks to the monumental nature of its remains, ever since the 1950s this Hellenistic-Roman city has been open to the public and features a small antiquarium reopened in 2003.

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