At Sanlorenzo Mercato the third stage of “Palermo, showcase city of the District”




The third event in the “Palermo, showcase city of the District” scheme for the artisans of the area who met at Sanlorenzo Mercato on Sunday 29 October on the occasion of the Mushroom Festival of Castelbuono. The producers displayed the food delicacies and wine of the District, in addition to ceramics, jewellery, knitwear and crochet, articles in recycled wood, plastic and other materials, all produced exclusively by hand by the artisans of the towns in the District.

The event is part of the integrated promotion project of the “Palermo Norman Coast” Tourism District intended to encourage travellers to get better acquainted with the abundance and variety of what the area has to offer overall, and follow up the two events of 14 July on the occasion of the Feast of Saint Rosaly and of 30 September in piazza Castelnuovo.

The Palermo Norman Coast Tourism District was created to exploit the excellent qualities of a variegated area rich in distinctive features, promoting tourism not only for the destination but for the entire area. The unifying idea is the history of Norman Sicily which unfolded from 1061 (conquest by the Normans) to 1198 (extinction of the Altavilla family line), and which has left signs and symbols of great value contributing to the heritage of Sicily. The Palermo Norman Coast Tourism District embodies everything Sicily is famous for: the sea, the coast, the historic buildings, natural and environmental resources, architecture, crafts, food and wine, all of which make it possible to offer the tourist a unique experience and a truly emotional journey exploring Sicily.


Le foto dell’evento



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