Tourism police bicycle patrols in the District



A new command of the bicycle mounted Tourism Police has been set up to increase the responsibilities and professionalism of human resources in the Palermo Norman Coast Tourism District. With this purpose in mind a special training course of 40 hours was started for eighteen members of the Municipal Police departments in the District.


After hearing a description of the project and its various phases, the officers will receive information on stress management and problem solving techniques and instruments. This is also a subject of the classroom lessons being held at the “Paolo Borsellino” IPSSAR (hotel and catering state school) of Palermo. The history and analysis of the District and its cultural heritage as an opportunity for economic development of Sicily will be the subject of specific in-depth study also through the exploitation of tourism resources included in the integrated project.
Thus another step forward has been taken in promoting the Palermo Norman Coast Tourism District which, after showcasing its sights at national and international fairs where much interest was shown, is making preparations to increase the number of schemes for developing the area starting with the important TTG meetings at Rimini.


Le foto dell’evento




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