Palermo, showcase city of the Palermo Norman Coast Tourism District



Great success was enjoyed by the scheme of the Palermo Norman Coast Tourism District which decided to showcase some of the best artisans of the towns in the District at the Feast of Saint Rosaly in piazza Verdi right in the centre of Palermo. The village set up next to the Massimo Theatre displaying the points of excellence of the area drew the attention of many tourists of various nationalities passing through who had an opportunity to see the ceramics, jewellery, knitwear and crochet in addition to articles made from recycled wood, plastic and other materials, all made exclusively by hand by local artisans.The event was the first of a series which the Palermo Norman Coast Tourism District is organising to promote the best products of the area and thus encourage tourism. The Palermo Norman Coast Tourism District was created after all to exploit the points of excellence of varied area rich in distinctive features, going beyond the idea of “one destination” tourism to promote instead a tourism of the area and offer the traveller a journey to explore a Sicily of nature and culture, food and wine and traditions that reflect the long period of Norman rule.

The exhibition of the quality creations of the artisans of the District which took place in piazza Verdi follows up the schemes used at two fairs, the international tourism exchange (ITB), held in March in Berlin and that of the International Religious Tourism Exchange (Btri) of Rome at the end of June. It was at this fair that the District presented a detailed exposition of the Itinerarium Rosaliae (Rosaly itinerary), which offers lovers of religious journeys a chance to walk about 160 km through the nature reserves and delightful villages in the provinces of Palermo and Agrigento.

Still on the subject of walks, another section of the rediscovered Vie Francigene (pilgrim routes that come from France) of Sicily will be open by 2017. Starting from the church of Saint Christine La Vetere on via dei Pellegrini in Palermo, you can walk to Messina along the ancient footpaths and in particular from the Saint Felix hermitage in the municipal area of Caccamo along 113 km through the entire Madonie park on an organised geo-referenced route which will be called Vie Francigene delle Madonie. Not to mention the extraordinary treasures and places of worship in Unesco’s Arab-Norman Palermo itinerary ‘From Solunto to the Sicanian Mountains’ which includes almost all the other religious places of the municipalities making up the District itself. It is a heritage of priceless value that will be promoted online together with the tourist accommodation and services available.



Le foto dell’evento



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