The District’s training and promotion scheme



More than fifty students of the “Paolo Borsellino” IPSSAR (hotel and catering state school) of Palermo will shortly be the new ambassadors of the integrated promotion project of the Palermo Norman Coast Tourism District. The young students will take part in a specific educational activity where they will receive information to distribute, from the desks located strategically in some hotels and tourist accommodation, to travelling tourists stopping off at Palermo and other towns participating in the project.

The students will receive lessons in the branch of the institute located in via Spedalieri and the main focus will be on general knowledge of the area within the District and the objectives of the communication plan of the integrated project. The students will learn the basic concepts of relational marketing and typical functions of new media in addition to digital instruments used in tourism promotion. The lessons given by expert tourist guides and using simulations will perfect the students’ ability to deal with tourists, welcome them and handle and satisfy their requests. A central part of the training involves acquiring knowledge of the tourism heritage of the District in which the job training is to take place. Lastly the customer satisfaction questionnaire given to tourists will be studied and will provide an important statistical base for further study on travellers’ preferences.

After showcasing its sights at the fairs of Berlin and Rome where great interest was shown by the public, the Palermo Norman Coast Tourism District is making preparations to increase the number of schemes for exploiting the area. Training the students of the “Paolo Borsellino” IPSSAR (hotel and catering state school) represents just one of the projects of the District which will set up an area dedicated to the quality crafts and products of the area in piazza Castelnuovo on 30 September in the fringe of the Sherbeth, the international craft ice-cream festival. The scheme will involve producers who will display the delicacies of the District, in addition to ceramics, jewellery, knitwear and crochet work plus articles made of wood, plastic and other recycled materials, all made exclusively by hand.
At the same time the area of the District will be promoted, starting with Palermo itself which is the Italian capital of culture for 2018, and will act as the hub for tourist arrivals and point of departure to see the sights of the area.



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