Palermo Norman Coast Tourism District



Distretto turistico Palermo Costa Normanna

The Palermo Norman Coast Tourism District was created to exploit the points of excellence of a variegated area rich in distinctive features, going beyond the idea of destination tourism in order to promote area tourism instead. It represents many people united by a single common history which starts in 1061 with the conquest by the Normans and ends in 1198 with the extinction of the Altavilla family line. It offers an enthralling journey of exploration in a Sicily of similarities and contrasts, nature and culture, food, wine and traditions that reflect the long period of Norman rule.

Working together with tourism operators to build quality tourism

The Palermo Norman Coast Tourism District is developing tourist information and guidance services in order to exploit the area and disseminate information on its numerous tourism products. Operators can now create cultural tourism projects, journeys in art, itineraries focusing on nature, relaxation, meditation and wellbeing, tourism projects focusing on religion, rural life, holiday farms, the seaside, sailing, fishing, and folklore.



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