The District showcased at Palermo

Palermo Costa Normanna, 26 September 2017

Palermo Norman Coast, 26 September 2017

On Saturday 30 September, on the occasion of the Sherbeth, the international festival of craft ice-cream, the Palermo Norman Coast Tourism District will set up an area dedicated to the points of excellence of the crafts and products in the area, open from 12 am to 8 pm. The scheme will involve producers who will display the culinary delicacies of the District, in addition to ceramics, jewellery, knitwear and crochet work plus articles made of wood, plastic and other recycled materials

This event is part of the integrated promotion project of the “Palermo Norman Coast” Tourism District which is intended to highlight the best products of the area and therefore to provide tourism incentives, encouraging travellers to get better acquainted with the richness of the overall offer of the area. The event on 30 September follows up the schemes used at the international tourism fair (ITB), held in March at Berlin and the International Religious Tourism Exchange (Btri) of Rome at the end of June, without forgetting the event held on 14 July during the Feast of Saint Rosaly in piazza Verdi in Palermo.

The new event, which takes place at the same time as the great influx of tourists for the Sherbeth, once again will involve the various municipalities in a joint cooperative effort to promote their individual points of excellence. The integrated project of the Palermo Norman Coast Tourism District also aims to increase the influx of visitors to the area by taking advantage of the showcase offered by the city which is the regional capital and also capital of culture for 2018. The Palermo Norman Coast Tourism District was created in fact to exploit the points of excellence of a varied area rich in distinctive features, promoting tourism for the entire area and not just the tourist destination. The unifying idea is the history of Norman Sicily which dates from 1061 (conquest by the Normans) to 1198 (extinction of the Altavilla family line) and has left signs and symbols that contribute to a heritage of great value. The territory of the District embodies everything Sicily is famouis for such as the sea, coast, historic buildings, natural and environmental resources, architecture, crafts, food and wine, all of which make it possible to offer the tourist a unique holiday. A truly emotional journey exploring Sicily.



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